Iceland – Day 8

This was supposed to be our last day, but plans changed.   More on that later.   We were leaving Reykjavik to visit our third and final thermal pool, the Blue Lagoon, before the airport.  However, before we got on the road, we stopped by Brauð & Co for a few pastries.  The Danish was excellent. In addition, Samer bought a whole loaf of Icelandic bread to bring home with us for the week. We are practical in some ways; hell, we started grocery shopping for the weekend while on vacation.

The wind was powerful that day.    The gusts made our drive challenging to the Blue Lagoon.    The Blue Lagoon is nothing like the other thermal pools we’d visited.   It’s a massive complex with many staff moving tourists in and out like clockwork.    It’s expensive, efficient, and a bit overwhelming.   This pool is manufactured and is blue from the silica in the water.  There are many tales of the waters of this pool rejuvenating your skin.   The big light blue colored pool was supposed to be a relaxing and healing moment, but the winds were so strong the pool had waves.   Most people stayed near the edge because the waves would smack you in the face when you went into the middle.   My favorite parts of Blue Lagoon were the “no cell phone” area of the pool and the waterfall.  The pool was warmer and calmer than other parts of the lagoon, and standing under the waterfall gave a warm pressure that felt like a massage.    I loved it.

After the Blue Lagoon, I learned our flight was canceled.

When we left the pool, we discovered our flight home had been canceled due to the weather.  Through the chat option, I got us rescheduled on a flight for early Sunday morning.    It was not a direct back to Newark, so we had to fly to London and then back to Newark, but it was worth it.    We stayed at the Park Inn by Radisson in the nearby town of Reykjanesbær.  It’s a nice modern hotel, and Iceland Air reimbursed us after we returned home.   Oddly enough, our last meal in Iceland was Polish food from a local restaurant called Polskur Matur.  If you find yourself in Reykjanesbær and are sick of Icelandic cuisine, try out Polskur Matur, they make a great schnitzel. 

Conclusion: Iceland – Conclusion


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