Iceland – Conclusion

Iceland is fantastic. There is a reason it is a very popular destination, and there is no arguing about it. The people are nice, and the landscape is beautiful. There is nothing hectic about it, and there is something of a clean living vibe while you are there. You relax, enjoy yourself, and rarely overdo a vice.

There was a joke in our house when Samer mentioned the idea of visiting Iceland. I proposed this trip 10 years before, and he immediately shot it down, saying it would be too cold. Then in December, he suggested we go after a work colleague came back from Iceland raving about it. Of course, I did not let this slide and reminded him about my idea for this trip in 2012! Even 10 years after my original proposal, I am very happy that we went. I got to see the northern lights and am so happy. That evening is one of the most amazing wonders in my memory.

I’ve wondered if choosing winter was a good idea. I certainly chronicled all of the missed attractions because of the weather, but that does not dissuade me from recommending the winter. In the winter, smaller crowds and beautiful snow-covered vistas force you to slow down. Because of that pace, I enjoyed Iceland a little bit more, and I used my vacation to actually recharge my own batteries. Winter in Iceland can be stressful, but it can be equally cozy.

I happily join the chorus of people recommending a trip to Iceland to you, my readers. Thank you.


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