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This cat now has a permanent home with us.

Sam and I recently adopted a cat.    We lost Josephine in November of 2016 and in recent months I started to pine for pet. I follow a cat rescue that focuses on cats with special needs called Philly Kitty.   A few weeks ago I saw this post:

Her profile information made me laugh a lot. Her name is Monkey.  Her foster mom brought her to our house over Easter weekend and she is still here  It’s hard not to think about Josephine with another cat around, but they are very different and it’s fun to learn about her personality.

Let’s talk about the name Monkey.  I did not love it at first. I always liked human names for pets, so I advocated changing her name to Stormy Daniels. Sam liked the name Monkey and it grew on me, so it looks like we are keeping the name Monkey. My sister hates the name Monkey. She told us that her pre-adolescent female patients refer to the vagina as a “monkey”. This is a funny a weird anecdote that is I’ve learned is commonplace in the healthcare field. Well I do not hate the name Monkey, but I do hate the idea of adults being too nervous to say the word vagina.

There is a cat named Monkey living at our house.   She is sweet and playful.   She has a penchant for leaping on our feet at night.  She does not meow a lot.  She likes to crawl under the covers. In short, she is a fantastic edition to our home. I hope that she is here for a long time to come.

Monkey, welcome to our home.

Should I switch from .com to .org?

Warning. This post is nerd talk. My blog is hosted for free at (this is free). I was thinking about moving to (this would cost me money), so that I could install a more interesting theme and a few plugins. I spoke to a friend at Sequal Consulting in Pittsburgh, PA and he told how easy it was to use a WordPress by Bitnami on Amazon Web Services. I tried it out, and it seemed to work really well. I then tried it on Google Cloud Services and it worked well on there, but I had some hiccups with the import function. I briefly looked at bluehost, but the AWS solution was the easiest and cheapest of the pay options.

I decided to pull back and reevaluate. Why do I want to do this? Do I care more about writing or the tech the writing goes into? Am I going down this path just to distract myself from doing the hard thing I want to do and actually write a little bit every day? Should I spend money on something I have been doing for free?

I seem to be ok with the limitations this free version of wordpress offers, though there are some cute modern themes I like a lot. Can you think of a good reason I should be moving to from