The oh so lovely Buenos Aires

I am sitting in an internet store across the street from the famous Recoleta Cemetery where I was just wandering around after lunch.   Buenos Aires (or BA as it is known amongst the gringos) is a fabulously sophisticated city with beautiful history and delicious restaurants.  Yesterday I went to the Plaza de Mayo where I was with the women who march every Thursday in an effort to bring truth to past government atrocities.  

I have learned a lot on this trip, both about myself, humanity, and Latin America.   I would like to write more at the moment, but the computers in these internet cafes are quite terrible.  I am not sure how I am going to fill the next week, but I know I am will be exploring the city, seeing some tango (I want to hit a queer tango show!), and eating a lot of good food.



I just left Brazil yesterday.  I crossed the Argentine border at the Iguazu Falls around noon on July 25th and took the entire day to see the falls from the Argentinian side.  They were so spectacular, and I know that none of my photos will do them justice.  It has been hard to write what was is going on and the diary I was supposed to be keeping has sort of fallen through the cracks.

Brazil was so amazing.  I loved Ihla do Mel and wish I could have spent more time there.  The beaches of Santa Catarina were amazing, and the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo were a great fix for a city junkie.  I am going to write down this trip soon enough, I promise.

Today we woke up in a sown called San Ignacio that has nothing but the ruins of 400 year old Jesuit mission.  What can I say, but the former outpost of cultural imperialiasm was quite impressive. Like most of Latin America, there were plenty of dark skinned indigenous looking people outside selling over priced handy crafts to the whiter latinos exiting the museum.  Clearly not much has changed in color ratio of the mission.