Is that a Philly millionaire?

I am sitting on the train going home from Washington DC today.   I am riding Acela, which is very rare for me.  I am a regional rail kind of guy, but I have a friend in Philly and want to get back as early as possible.   It’s a full train so every seat is full.

I am pretty sure Comcast executive and the brains of the Rendell mayoral administration David Cohen in sitting near me.  There was an announcement that was made about the credit card machine being down, and the woman sitting beside Cohen (objectively younger and more attractive than him) was annoyed because she didn’t have any cash.

Cohen turned and said “Want me to buy you dinner?  I have plenty of money.”

She declined.


A big ego on a small plane.

This morning I am on a flight from Philadelphia to Hartford.   It is a really small flight.   It may fit 30 people on it.   It doesn’t even have classes, it is so small.   I boarded early (thanks Silver status) and sat near the front.  

A woman who I can only describe as Kate Blanchet’s character in Blue Jasmine got on the plane and handed her boarding pass to flight attendant.  The flight attendant looked at it and said, “Yeah, 5a is five rows back by the window…  Right there.” 

Why would Blue Jasmine hand the attendant her boarding pass?   She can see every seat once she boarded.  There is only one aisle. This is not some giant Airbus to Berlin.  We are going to Connecticut! It only takes an hour to get there.  I wanted to push her down the steps and not let her on.  That’s how small the plane was, we had steps, not even a jet way. 

What a maniac.