I really enjoyed Bong Joon-ho’s newest movie Parasite.  He’s handled class division before but this story is particularly great.   It feels amazingly real.   I think he is one of the best cinematic storytellers alive.  Everyone should go see it.


I am supposed to go see Avatar today, but my date is now sick. Let’s call my date Saul Fooley II. Saul promised to go with me way back in November, and then we were going to go opening night. Then he decided to jet set to London at the last minute with his roommate, which inevitably made him sick. Saul has chosen not to take care of himself, thus he is still sick. Both Monday the 28th was proposed and Tuesday was decided. Saul has now pushed the date off until Wednesday the 30th.

I have yet to see Avatar, because of Saul Fooley. I have included correspondence from Saul to me relating to Avatar below.

Disclaimer: Saul is heterosexual, though not immediately identifiable.

November 4:

when avatar comes out on december 18th, we should go see it, but not tell anyone. the problem is, it could be the worst move ever. however, i think there might be a good anti-colonialism/anti-imperalism aspect to it. still it looks like an abomination and takes the arts down a notch.
p.s. don’t share my interest in going to see this movie with anyone! even my roommate!

December 21:

when do you come back so we can see avatar.

December 24:

we should watch avatar on tuesday.

December 25:

I was thinking on Tuesday we could catch Avatar at matinee.

December 28:

We should see Avatar on Wednesday (3:05).

Milk and Vicky Cristina Barcelona

I watched both Milk and Vicky Cristina Barcelona today. I loved both of them. I am pretty well versed in the history of Harvey Milk and learned little from the film. I think this allowed me to really just watch the story and the acting. Sean Penn was striking and I thought I was watching old footage of Milk most of the time. It was a beautiful movie and it really opened up what the fight was like in the not so distant past.

It is quite incredible that the film culminates to the sound defeat of Proposition 6. I wonder how many people feel when they see this movie, and then think about the victory of Proposition 8 this last year. Thirty years later we are fighting to protect people’s civil rights and liberties not to be excluded, and this time we lost. Has progression devolved into regression. I fear so.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona was awesome. I am glad I had a light film after Milk. The scenes was deliciously hot, and sex between characters was riveting. The theme of a lot of films right now seems to be “defy conventionality at all costs.” This I like a lot.

Listened to: Tosca, Act I, Ah! Finalmente! from the album “Tosca” by Giacomo Puccini