Out On the Lanai


Out on the Lanai: A Golden Girls Podcast
Out on the Lanai is a podcast dedicated to the innovative 80’s sitcom, The Golden Girls.
Each week, hosts (and GG superfans) H. Alan Scott and Kerri Doherty invite a guest over to watch and dissect an episode of the show.

These are the podcasts on my phone.

Center City Comedy – These are a bunch of asshole Philadelphians that make me laugh. I love hearing from comics and they do make me love Philly. I would never want to hang out with these maniacs. The use the word “fag” too much and are generally just poorly informed.

The Dead Authors – Hilarious interviews with comedians playing dead authors. Paul F. Tompkins as HG Wells is a delight.

How Did This Get Made? – This is one of my favorites. I love it so much. I think Jason Mantzoukas is absolutely hysterical in it, but the trio really does come together perfectly.

Learn to Meditate – It’s important and it’s healthy to meditate. Don’t do it to relax, do it to focus.

Love + Radio – Interesting story telling about subjects that are not normally on my radar. I think the production is interesting and I like it a lot.

RadioLab – I think this is the best public radio show out there.

RISK! – It’s sexy and raunchy first person stories. I find the host to be annoying, but he is not on for too long.

StarTalk Radio – Neil deGRasse Tyson is smart. He’s smarter than me and he’s probably smarter than you. It’s nice to learn about science and his array of cohosts make it light.

Vice Media – Their reporting is pretty macho, but they cover interesting stories.

WTF with Marc Maron – Obviously, this is one of the great podcasts. He’s a a wonderful interviewer.  I prefer the comedians to the musicians or general celebrities. 

The Bugle – This podcast made me fall in the love with John Oliver’s comedy. I think his HBO show is keeping him from it, so I fear it is going to end soon.

Chess: The Full English Breakfast – It hasn’t been updated in a year, but I wait for it.

The Flop House – The talk about terrible movies.  Sometime the pun runs last a little too long.

Greg Palast – The iTunes feed on this has not been updated in 5 years, so you need to subscribe from the xml link.   Palast is an excellent investigative journalist.

NotNearlyNerdEnough  – My officemate and friend started a podcast about things I like.   I am huge Doctor Who fan, and conversations about the Doctor are featured on many episodes.

PRC Show – I am the executive producer of this show and frequent guest. I am more of a BabaBooey than a Torey Malatia.

Serial – This is the This American Life spinoff. I am only a few episodes in and I am loving it. I am learning how to listen to podcasts in a completely different way.

This American Life – It’s great, it’s popular, and the only thing I do not like about it are the reruns.