Getting to Brazil

We are in our last couple of hours of Ouro Preto. Michele is very under the weather and we cannot do a lot. Ouro Preto is so pretty, but our experience has not been that incredible. The hotel we are stayed in was expensive and incredibly inhospitable. They would not allow us to leave our bags there for the day, and since mine would not fit in the bus terminal locker, I am stuck schlepping it around town. The woman at Pousada Amera was not very friendly and did not do a very good job in trying to communicate with us. When we to use the phone in order to call ahead to the next town, she lied and said it did nto work (Michele heard it ringing before.) I would not recommend that hotel to an enemy on their deathbed. They need to learn some hospitality or I hope they go fucking bankrupt.

A week ago we started the trip off very well. I left work early, told Nancy good-bye, and we headed to the airport. We had to pay the $40.80 exit tax again, even though, everyone said it was only required once a year. We landed in Lima, Peru and had some bad potato salad that was covered in some sort of weird hollandaise sauce. It was sold to us as a traditional Peruvian dish. Oh, the culinary treats of an airport. The price was astronomical, but the beer was well worth all of it. It was delicious. It was the first non-pilsner we had had in a long time. We stopped by the smoking lounge and, which was hipper than anything we have been to in Quito. We ended up processing through customs in Rio De Janeiro around 4:30 AM and too a cab to our first couch surfing host.