Sitting in the lovely town of Oro Preto

I am sitting in a beautiful small town called Oro Preto.  It is a bit chilly, but is alarmingly picturesque.   We are staying in a place that is a little expensive, but everything seemed to be around the same price so we took it.   Infortuantely, I have to leave here for five hours.   I left my camera battery and charger in Belo Horizanted (2.5 hours away), and I need to go pick them up.   I have to take a bus there and back.  I may do it tonight.  MIchele is going to stay here.

Brazil is a wonderful country that is very beautiful and the food is great.   Last night I had some of the best veal I have ever had.  The buses are nice and people are fairly chatty, I am just fealing like an idiot for forgetting my charger and spare battery.