Where the bad people are

In my kindergarten class I am teaching the counsel of Israel to Ecuador’s child.    He came to this country only knowing Hebrew, but he has picked up Spanish very quickly.

Today he opened up the internet by accident and the schools homepage popped up.   It opens with a flash slide show that shows place from Jerusalem.  Of course the Dome of the Rock is showed, as it is a fairly important place in the city.

When he saw it he looked at me and in his best Spanish told me that is where the bad people are.   If you do not know, the Dome of the rock is an Islamic Shrine that sits upon the holiest place in Judaism (where the temples stood).

I asked him if maybe he thought the people were not bad, but rather different, he assured me I was wrong.  His father has expressly told him this is where the bad people are.

In short, a diplomat from the state of Israel, teaches his children that one of the most significant places in Islam, should be identified with the bad people. And by bad people I mean, of course, Muslims.  Embarrassing indeed.


What is going on in my class?

Today a kid peed his pants in my class.  He is a kindergartner, but come on!  I cannot take much more of this stuff.  A few weeks ago I learned the word panzita which is a local word they use for belly.  The kid told me his belly hurt and then puked.


I had one pisser last year, and now I am on my second.  Oh and I was stressed out today, because a mother sent a note saying one of the kids had extreme diarrhea and if he started to wiggle around to send him to the bathroom.

Luckily he didn’t shit himself on my watch.