Break Day in Courmayeur

We ate pizza and gelato. Probably drank too much and I rekindled my love for aperitivo. This is the Italian version of happy hour. Late in the day you go out an order a cocktail (campari and soda for me) and then they bring you a plate of delicious things to eat. We ate a lot of ham, and I was certainly fine with that.


If the day is sunny go take the cablecar to Le Pavillon Point Helbronner, we waited for Chamonix and the day we were there it was super cloudy. This is a regret.

This is good town for souvenir shopping. Prices in Italy are lower, and you can find nice things.


Du Tunnel Pizzeria


Romantik Hotel Villa Novecento


Next: Day 5 – Courmayeur – Hotel Lavachey

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